PiperNet Is Here

The Problem

Beneath the flashy homepages of your favorite sites lurk Hooli and other evil corporations out to hoard and sell your most personal data.

What was built to be the ultimate platform for the free sharing of knowledge has turned into a money-hungry monster feasting on our privacy and freedom.

But fear not, for Pied Piper has the answer! And it’s simple:
An autonomous peer-to-peer network featuring distributed storage powered by universal compression, accelerated scheduling allocation, and end-to-end encryption.

Put even simpler — it’s the internet, completely decentralized.

We’re in this together! All of our computers and phones join in a network to make the strongest supercomputer the world has ever seen.

Introducing PiedPiperCoin

Pied Piper's new internet is built for users, by users.
You supply the storage, compute, and networking resources that power our entire decentralized web.

Now there's a way to give credit where credit is due. Compute credit, that is!The more you share your device resources, the more PiedPiperCoin you receive.

Whether you're a developer with an app ready for market, or just an Average Joe with a smartphone you'll love all you can do with PiedPiperCoin.

The Team

Richard Hendricks

Founder & CEO

Dinesh Chugtai

Senior Programmer

Bertram Gilfoyle

Chief Systems Architect

Jared Dunn

Chief Operating Officer

Monica Hall

Chief Financial Officer

Nelson Bighetti

Majority Investor
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